23 July 2014

Wednesday 23 July

Guangzhou Day seven

No plans for today so we ended up going to the mall. I found a pair of running shoes, now I just have to actually go running in them. Not once but at least 3 times a week. I’m giving myself a pass as long as the temperature outside feels over 35 C. We also went to Zoo Cafe. Their cakes are very good, but Dominic didn’t want to try one.

22 July 2014

Tuesday 22 July

Guangzhou Day six

We have determined that going sightseeing to parks or mountain temples is a bad idea. Since we can only handle indoor activities, today we went to the Western Han Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum on Jiefang Bei Lu. It was a large museum, mostly filled with artefacts from the tomb. We can also walk inside the actual tomb. The tomb is quite small, it’s amazing they fit all the funerary objects in there to begin with. There was also a Western Han themed play room for kids. Definitely worth visiting if you’re in Guangzhou.

Sunday 20 July

Sunday 20 July

Guangzhou Day four

After doing nothing yesterday, today we went shopping on Beijing Lu (Beijing Road). We went to pizza hut for supper. We always go to pizza hut at least once in China. Pizza hut is much better in China than Canada, the menu is completely different. Chart two of the Evenstar shawl is going well so far, I’m only about 10% in.

I knit. This is the stuff I knit.