How to get your child to clean their room.

Firstly, discuss historical events regularly with your children. Then you can have conversations like this one:

Son: So, does the black death still exist?

Mum: No, the plague was carried by rats, and transmitted by fleas. Fleas would bite the rats then bite humans, giving them the plague. 

Son: Do we have fleas in our house?

Mum: No of course not, we live in an age that has embraced hygiene.

Son: Only dirty places have fleas? Like my room?

Mum: Of course your room doesn — why, yes, fleas could show up in such a messy room.

Son rushes to clean up his room. And my work is done, for a few days at least. 

Wednesday 14 August 2013


I finished this hat a few weeks ago, and promptly cast on for a second one since I have enough yarn leftover. It will be red hat with a grey dragon, though, since the yardage might be a little tight.


This hat is for my son, and I have been working (slowly) on his neckwarmer, I should be done before the snow arrives. If I actually get all the the winter stuff done before winter begins, that will a first for me!

Thursday 18 July


I finished the Thyrniros cardigan, all that’s left to do is the installation of the zipper and blocking. I still love icelandic knits, even with the lopi yarn being as itchy as it is. I started another cardigan right away, of course. I’m going to make Shalder; the yoke pattern reminds me of design elements in the Dwarves’ armour/costumes in The Hobbit.

I’m also working on a hat, mitts, and a neckwarmer. The mitts are for me, the hat is for my daughter and the neckwarmer is for my son. I am so glad I feel like knitting again.



Thyrniros, a set on Flickr.

I haven’t been knitting at all this winter, there was a lot of stuff going on in my life that managed to get in the way of my knitting life. Anyways, things are much better now on all fronts, and I’m glad to say that I’m knitting again. : )

The Hobbit, with SPOILERS

ImageI actually got to see the Hobbit in theatres last week. My not so quiet 7 year old boy actually sat through the whole film, with no fuss. In fact, he was play-fighting the next day with a shield, but he asked that I pretend it was an oak branch.

The film is completely different from the book, but is enchanting and mesmerising in its own way. I’d go see it again in theatres if I get the chance. The Hobbit is very different from the LOTR films, much less formal in tone, more relaxed and fun.

The Erebor/Dale sequences at the beginning are full of lovely design elements; hexagons, octogons, angular shapes abound. There are a lot of what looks like hand-knitted garments too; this is easily noted in the Bag End sequences, during the Unexpected Party.

All the ‘changes’ from book to film seem to be added on. There is not as much hacking and chopping (I’m referring to the absence of Bombadil in LOTR) at the book itself, just many many details added on top of it. Or maybe I need to re-read the book again to find more stuff to nitpick.

There is a lot of action, so it should be a good film even for people who haven’t read the books / don’t like  / don’t care about Tolkien, but it might be a bit long. I’ve read and re-read Tolkien since I was twelve, so I was riveted the entire time. My husband didn’t grow up with Tolkien, has no interest etc… (in his defence, he’s from China), and he found it boring, he had trouble following the story and he was truly shocked and disappointed when he found out that it was part one of three.

Watching The Hobbit got me in a knitterly mood, hopefully something will come of it and I will actually have some FOs.

I knit. This is the stuff I knit.